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Samhain (October 31/November 1)

Samhain has similarities to All Saints day, All Hallows, Hindu Diwali, Mexican Day of the Dead and many more. Halloween is the day when all souls are allowed to cross into Heaven, from the visible to the invisible worlds. Death, completion and unity is the price for the renewal of life.

The results of your endeavours for the day, year or life are sifted through to see what you can take with you and what you have to leave behind. In the Christian bible a version of this is referred to as what belongs to God and what belongs to Caesar.

The wheat must be sorted from the chaff, the reality from the illusion, then the chaff, the illusions and the apparently useless can be re-used to support new life forms.

The things that belong to Caesar are the material things we have created in relationship to our desires, from the four elements of fire, water, air and earth. This includes our Material possessions, physical body and all those thoughts and feelings that we think belong to us.  

We cannot take our thinking that is based on second hand information accompanied by feelings of an illusionary sense of self importance, on gossip, intrigue, ambition, greed, impatience, control over others through the encouragement of fear, violence that is implied or actual, thoughts and feelings that encourage guilt in yourself and in others with an accompanied desire to keep these thoughts hidden. This is an opportunity to let go of any grudges that you have. Anything that is stuck in the past or false expectations projected into the future. If they find a foothold in your mind or the mind of others then the sordid picture of mankind will continue on in the world

What belongs to God or what is good are the experiences that can be incorporated into your character.  The character of a person is more important than paper qualifications, class, position etc.  These memories can be allowed into Heaven or cross into the invisible world and become unified in a seed or a memory. These memories will become your support in a new life, new year or new day.

Good allows in only those actions that are based on personal experience, things that are honest, complete, and whole, actions that encourage creativity and are of benefit to the whole. The habits that can be built into your character like the starting and completion of tasks to the best of your ability for the good of the whole, without a need for praise or ridicule. Reliability, dependability, doing what you said you would do, with the ability to deliver the right things in the right amount to the right place at the right time. Being aware of the needs of others leading to fairness and real justice etc. Those things that can live in the present tense.


Imagine that the thoughts and memories in your mind can have as many connections as the stars that shine in the Heavens. They look very different yet these two sisters are created as opposites to assist in the preparation for new beginnings.

The Great tree thrives upon the leaf it casts to the Earth.

Let go of

the beliefs you

do not need.